Why you should be sleeping on bamboo sheets!

If you were to google “benefits of bamboo sheets” you would be overloaded with information. Good, comforting (pun intended) information. So, to summarize for you I will briefly go over some of the benefits of switching to bamboo.


Comfort and Softness


Bamboo sheets have been said to have a cashmere like feeling, imagine sleeping on that! They are great for both types of sleepers; those that need a cool breathable bed to sleep and also the other people that I will never understand, that like it warm and toasty. Bamboo has a unique way of working with your body to maintain a comfortable temperature while you sleep.  It allows your body to determine when you’re too hot or too cold. The bamboo encourages your sweat to evaporate keeping you cool. However, as soon as you’ve cooled off and stopped sweating, it keeps you cozy and warm just like any other blanket.

I remember the days before my life was changed by bamboo sheets and looking for the highest thread count Egyptian cotton I could afford to get that amazing silk softness. Well, did ya know that with bamboo it’s so naturally soft that they are 2 x softer than 1000 thread count Egyptian cotton?! Yup, huge difference, huh?


Moving on...


One of the most important differences is the way bamboo is manufactured versus your cotton sheets. If you did your research on the way cotton sheets are covered in harmful chemicals I am sure, at least I would hope anyways, it would sicken you. Apparently manufacturing companies do not have to even mention some of these chemicals that are lingering in those cotton sheets just waiting to be absorbed by your pores. Formaldehyde is one of the most common chemicals used, and let’s face it we all can agree that formaldehyde is not something we want to be sleeping on. Cotton has active ingredients, including pesticides, herbicides, insecticides and defoliants in it. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, 84 million pounds of pesticides were applied to the nation’s 14.4 million acres of cotton in the year 2000, and more than two billion pounds of fertilizers were spread on those same fields. Seven of the 15 pesticides commonly used on cotton in the United States are listed as “possible,” “likely,” “probable” or “known” human carcinogens by the Environmental Protection Agency. And cotton defoliants are the most toxic farm chemicals currently on the market. Here is one of many articles out there that go over the chemical processes and harmful things added to cotton sheets. https://www.momscleanairforce.org/wrinkle-free-formaldehyde/

And if that article isn’t enough take a look at this one... https://www.madesafe.org/education/whats-in-that/bedding/

If that alone can’t convince you to throw those cotton sheets in the trash I don’t think anything else I could say would matter!


Bamboo is very interesting, bamboo stalks regenerate naturally without needing chemical treatments or pesticides and can grow as much as 3-4ft a day!!! In one whole day! Why do we care about that? Well think about this, bamboo can be used over and over again because it regenerates it’s self, unlike cotton that has to be planted and harvested year after year. It is more durable and definitely more eco friendly, obviously we can agree on that by now. Overall it is healthier for our environment and our personal health.


Like I first mentioned, there are so many benefits but these are the ones that have really stuck with me. After my husband and I switched to bamboo sheets we have a hard time sleeping if we are traveling and having to stay somewhere that uses anything other than 100% bamboo. I think a travel sheet set is in our future!